Privacy & Targeted ads

Targeted adverts are great, I don’t want to see adverts for stuff I am not interested in – I am interested in techy geeky stuff – so showing my adverts for hair straightners or perfume isn’t going to interest me, or going to get me to click on the adverts. I want to se adverts […]

SEO – its just basic common sense ?

I have never really gone for SEO jobs, because its all pretty much just common sense isn’t it? Oddly enough though, developers are never told about this stuff and an increasing number seem to have been brought up with Web 2.0 and dynamic tools almost without the experience in bog standard HTML. So with people […]

Metrics is hard ….

For those of you that care about the background, two views exist on web metrics – 1. its hard, 2. its not hard but it is complicated. Its an entertaining war of words between Avanish Kaushak and Eric T. Peterson, and is helping to sell books for the latter! I personally don’t worry too much […]